Really great post Jeff, love how you highlighted all of these super cool startups that nobody’s ever heard of. This is great food for thought for anybody considering doing a startup as most of what we see is retail products ie instacart, doordash, Snapchat etc

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Jeff, super interesting post. We've got one more for you - Violet Labs is building cloud-based data integration for hardware engineering teams (spacecraft, rockets, robots).

You can read more here: https://techcrunch.com/2022/08/22/meet-the-ex-project-kuiper-engineers-wanting-to-disrupt-hardware-workflow/

or listen here: https://www.spacecapital.com/podcasts/software-for-hard-engineering

My incredible co-founder Caitlin Curtis cut her teeth at SpaceX and her learnings from the expansive software architecture Elon has built are informing part of our product vision.


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